99% of all NFT Projects must fail, right?

As many of you know, I am an a heavy duty crypto personal education mode at the moment. As I was trying to explan to my wife tonight. There are many parts of the tradtional financial markets. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Reits, Commodities, Forex, ETF’s, Futes, and the list goes on and on.

I look at cryptocurrency as the financial markets of the future. It is just as board. Indvidual coins, DAO’s, Nodes, Stable Coins, Metavers coins, Launch Platfomrs, Staking, NFT’s and on and on. The one area I am really having trouble wrapping my mind around are NFT.s.

Many appear to be more like video games, than real financial instruments. I understand Gaming is going to be a huge part of the crypto space and will grow expodentially over the next few years. I also understand that NFT’s are going to be a major part of the space, but I just can’t seem to take them seriously at this moment in time on my self-education cryto journey.

Here is where I fear I may be missing it. I did not grow up playing video games. I grew up playing pin ball machines, and i remember the first video game pong, and how cool we thought that was. I also could burn up a PAC MAN Arcade game back in the day. I udnerstand the addiction and loyalty these types of games can create releasing endorphines in the brain. So yes what is strange to me is normal to many younger generations. For that reason and that reaon alone I am going to continue to keep an eye on this segment of the cryto market. However at the preent time my focus is on passive income DAO’S and staking platforms.

I wanted to make sure I had a place good bookmark at reference this AFAX NFT CHART in case I need to reference it in the futre. That is the reason for this semi-rant and the ridiculous videos below. I am having problems seeing it, and I know I am not the only one. However I wanted to document the two games below covered in the videos.

Today is January 4, 2022 and I am anxious to see if in the future these games gain momentum or go down the toilet.

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Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is a serial entreprenuer. He started his first business at age 14, a direct mail business out of his parents home. Dale has always believed that wealth is created in front of a trend. This business philosophy lead him into the cryptocurrency space in 2017, He made the decision in 2022, that the cryptocurrency space is where he will be spending the majority of his time.

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