Dale’s Journal 2/8/22 (Goal 25% Gains with Metaverse/Gaming Coins)

This is NOT investment advice. Honestly it is just easier for me to document my thoughts and moves on this website than it is a physical hardback journal. I am just a cryptocurrency student, trying to navigate my way. I wouldn’t listen to anything I say regarding specific coin trades if I were you.

My gut has been telling me that 42K bitcoin was the line in the sand. At the time of this writing it is at $43,804.31 42K is the number I came to after listening to dozens of hours of podcast sessions and reading multiple articles from insiders, who don’t agree, but me getting perspectives from everyone seems to give me a clearer picture at the moment. Many candle readers are ego driven, others are truly value focussed, and for all of them their track record is what it is.

With that said, today is February 8th 2022

From everything I have read, studied and observed I feel some of the metaverse/gaming coins are getting ready to make a move. I think this is a good opportunity to get in look for 25% gains and get out. That is going to be my play this week. I am going to put 5K in 5 of the top alt coins, I am looking for 25% gains ASAP and then getting out. They are moving, and I think they will continue to move. Look at the Green, these coins are on the move!

For today 2/8/22, I decided to increase my position in Decentraland Mana. This coin hit a high last year of around $4.35 around Thanksgiving. This is a long-term hold for me, but I added 1000 coins today at $3.13 each. My sell target is $4.00

I need to do some more research on some of the other high market cap gaming/metavers coins, PlayDapp and Vulcan Forged PYR look very interesting.

I also increased by position in Polygon – Matic today. Many gaming projects run on the polygon blockchain.

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Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is a serial entreprenuer. He started his first business at age 14, a direct mail business out of his parents home. Dale has always believed that wealth is created in front of a trend. This business philosophy lead him into the cryptocurrency space in 2017, He made the decision in 2022, that the cryptocurrency space is where he will be spending the majority of his time.

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