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About Staking Miner
(From Gold Grinder Team)

What is Gold Grinder?
Gold Grinder is a BNB miner that earns you up to 9% in rewards (BNB)
everyday! You can invest whatever amount you like and the
rewards will be based upon the amount you invest.

Why Gold Grinder is the best BNB Miner?
Our development team thoroughly checked the contract of other
miners out there and we fixed the flaws they have and made it the
best improved version of them all. Gold Grinder is the safest and
most improved version of them all.

What is the price of GOLD?
There is no set price for GOLD, it changes according to the volume.
There is an estimate price calculator that can be used (it’s not
accurate, but somewhere close)

What is GOLD?
GOLD grinders are the miners that are hired with BNB and work to
get your rewards. This is just a term we decided to use. Crypto OGs
will know ‘GOLD’ Staking Miner Roadmap

  • Dapp Development (Beta)
    Socials Creation
    Stealth Launch
    Token Launch Announcement
    Organic Growth
    Gold Grinder Audit by InterFi
  • Native Token Launch
    Banner ads
    Dapp and Website Launch
    Dashboard for Token Rewards
    Social Media Influencer Reach
    Discord and other languages Telegram Group Creation
    Token Audit
    Merch Store
  • Certik Audit
    CG and CMC listing
    Advance Marketing Development
    Media Release
    Gold Finance Feature launch (Crypto Loan)
    All Out Social Media Promotions
  • Gold Swap Launch
    CEX listing
    Binance Listing
    More to be updated


1) Purchase BNB coins.

The best exchange to do this is KuCoin.  BNB is also available on and Binance.

2) Then you then need to transfer your coins from your exchange wallet to your Meta Mask Wallet.

If you do not have a Meta Mask Wallet this Step-by-Step Meta Mask Tutorial will walk you through the simple process.

3)  Use this referral link to go to the OFFICIAL BAKED BEANS platform.


4)  Connect your Meta Mask Account and purchase your beans.

5)  Log into your account daily once a day and click the REBAKE link.  ON THE 7th day claim your rewards by click the EAT BEANS LINK. 

This process is very important to maintain your 8% daily payout.  Six days Rebake, on the 7th day click EAT BEANS!

Two things I should have mentioned above. 1. There is no minimum amount required. 2. This is the BNB token on the BSC network and so a tutorial on adding BSC to Metamask would be helpful, or just link the official one here: in a new tab.

Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is a serial entreprenuer. He started his first business at age 14, a direct mail business out of his parents home. Dale has always believed that wealth is created in front of a trend. This business philosophy lead him into the cryptocurrency space in 2017, He made the decision in 2022, that the cryptocurrency space is where he will be spending the majority of his time.

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