Replace Waze or Google Maps use MapMetrics and earn Crypto While Driving

Earn Tokens While Driving!

MapMetrics creates a community of road users, who share real-life traffic data using cutting-edge blockchain technology to improve your journey. Download the app for free to become part of the community and get rewarded for your data. Earn crypto and NFTs by navigating with the MapMetrics crypto navigation app.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like I go anywhere anymore without Google Maps or Waze turned on. As soon as I heard about this new crypto project it made sense to me. I immediately ordered two SPT’s one for my car, and one for my wifes. SPT stands for ‘Special Position Tracker’ and you can see how to get yours at the end of this article.

MapMetrics is a free crypto navigation app designed to improve your travel, by showing you the most convenient way from A to B. The online community updates live road conditions faster than any other company could. You make the platform, you get the rewards. Created by the community for the community.

Increase the value of your earnings

How the MMAPS token gets value

Advertisers and third parties will have to purchase MMAPS tokens to make use of the business side of the app. By doing so, they will pay the community indirectly for the data shared with the MapMetrics network. 

Third parties will use the same tokens as the community is earning which will determine the fair value of your data. 

This is the new way of navigating. You make the platform, you get the rewards.

There are three main revenue streams which the data packages and app will be used for to make profit for its users. 

  • Advertising space
  • Data packages 
  • API 

Get Your SPT

SPT Systems

SPT stands for “Special Position Tracker” and is the key to the MapMetrics blockchain. By connecting your SPT with the MapMetrics app you are eligible to earn tokens which will be automatically transferred to your wallet. Choose the right SPT that fits your travel needs and start earning.

Special Position Tracker

SPT stands for ‘Special Position Tracker’ and is the key to the MapMetrics network. Connect the SPT with the MapMetrics crypto navigation app to start earning MMAPS tokens. All earnings will be sent directly to your crypto wallet.

Order your SPT NowOpens in a new tab.

  • 1 Bluetooth

Check if your SPT is connected to your phone

  • 2 Charging

Charging indicator

  • 3 Cross button

Hold button to turn off the device
Click once to vote (no)

  • 4 Earning

Blinks when earning/ glows when limit has been reached

  • 5 Power

Battery indicator

  • 6 Check button

Hold button to turn on the device
Click once to vote (yes)

A phone which displays the earnings of the MapMetrics crypto navigation app wallet with behind it an SPT to mine crypto and NFTs.
SPT Feature Benefits

How does it work?

The SPT collects and protects the user’s geolocation data which will be directly encrypted and shared via the app with the MapMetrics network. The built-in NFT makes you the official owner and can only be paired with your account.

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