Earn Crypto using your Helium Mobile Phone (Coming in 2023)

From Dale. If you are involved in HNT mining, or hold HNT this news should be very encouraging to you. All crypto projects in my opinion come down to two words USE CASE. How and why will the general public use the coin in their day to day life? Nothing is more part of our day-to-day life in 2022 than our cell phones (unfortunately, but it is just a fact of life). If cell phone plans are going to start at $5.00 and give users the opportunity to earn crypto, it appears to be a project that makes sense to me, and probably many others.

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By Andrew Hayward Nov 5, 2022

Crypto Wireless Carrier Helium Mobile Will Power Solana’s Saga Smartphone

Solana Labs’ upcoming Android phone can use Helium’s hybrid carrier, which fuses its decentralized network with T-Mobile’s 5G.

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko debuts the Solana Saga smartphone. Image: Solana Labs
Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko debuts the Solana Saga smartphone. Image: Solana Labs

  • The Solana Saga smartphone can be used on the upcoming Helium Mobile network.
  • Helium Mobile pairs the Helium 5G decentralized network with coverage from T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network.

Decentralized, crypto-fueled wireless network Helium recently voted to move from its own platform to SolanaOpens in a new tab., a leading layer-1 blockchain network. Now that alliance is set to get even stronger, with Helium and SolanaOpens in a new tab. bringing their respective mobile initiatives together.

At Solana’s Breakpoint conference in Lisbon today, Helium and Solana Labs announced a partnership to bring the upcoming Helium Mobile serviceOpens in a new tab.—a smartphone carrier powered in part by T-Mobile—to Solana’s crypto-centric Saga smartphoneOpens in a new tab.. Both are due to launch in early 2023.

The Android-powered Saga phone will come with a free 30-day trial for Helium Mobile in the United States, offering unlimited voice and text use during that span. The Saga phone will not be exclusive to Helium Mobile, however: a Helium representative clarified to Decrypt that Solana Labs’ smartphone can be used with other carriers instead.

Helium Founders, T-Mobile Launch Crypto-Powered 5G Mobile Service

Helium Mobile will tap both the decentralized 5G network and T-Mobile’s service while also offering crypto rewards to users.

Imagery from the Helium Mobile service. Image: Helium Mobile
Imagery from the Helium Mobile service. Image: Helium Mobile

  • Nova Labs and T-Mobile have partnered to launch Helium Mobile, a 5G wireless service for smartphones.
  • It will use Helium’s decentralized, crypto-powered 5G network as well as T-Mobile’s network, and switch between the two as needed.

Crypto-fueled wireless network Helium will soon be able to introduce its mobile 5G visionOpens in a new tab. to many more users. Today, Helium network founder Nova Labs announced that it has partnered with T-Mobile to create a new 5G wireless service called Helium Mobile. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO JOINE THE WAIT LIST AND RECEIVE UPDATES —> Helium MobileOpens in a new tab..

Helium Mobile will be a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service and will tap both the T-Mobile and Helium networks for customers in the United States. Set to launch in the first quarter of 2023, the service will rely both on T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network and Helium’s user-operated 5G nodes.

T-Mobile and Nova Labs have signed a five-year agreement to power the service.


Helium Developers Mull Migration of Crypto Wireless Network to Solana

By combining networks and switching between the two as needed, Nova Labs says the service will offer two significant economic differentiators from traditional services: plans will start at just $5 per month, and users can also optionally earn crypto token rewards for sharing data.

Boris Renski, co-founder and CEO of Nova Labs-owned firmware and hardware maker FreedomFi, said that using Helium’s decentralized 5G network—which includes more than 4,500Opens in a new tab. active user-operated nodes at present—means that Nova doesn’t have to invest in capital expenditures to build out infrastructure.

“That allows us to build a cellular network with absolutely disruptive economics,” he told Decrypt.

On top of that, Helium Mobile will allow users to opt into receiving the network’s MOBILE token rewards in exchange for providing anonymized data about their network usage. Renski said that the service will treat such users as contributors, as the data will be used to monitor network quality and availability as it scales—but it’s purely optional.

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Helium is a network of decentralized wireless hotspots that incentivizes users with crypto tokens for running a node and supporting the network. The initial Helium network, focused on powering Internet of Things (IoT) devices like sensors and trackers, has more than 950,000 node operatorsOpens in a new tab. at present.

The 5G network is newer and has far fewer users so far, as the 5G hardware is also currently much more expensive than the nodes that support the original IoT network. In June, the Helium Foundation revealed plans to spin off the original HNT reward token and create a new token for each networkOpens in a new tab., with an eye toward supporting additional wireless protocols in the future.

How it works

Helium’s own 5G network will be the preferred network for Helium Mobile when coverage is available, Renski said. It’s a relatively small network at present, but it’s growing: Helium’s second network has taken shape since launching MOBILE token rewards, with over 1,700 new user nodes activated in the last 30 days—and Renski said the pace is increasing.

Initially, voice calls will take place entirely on T-Mobile’s network, while data transfers will use service provided by node operators in the decentralized network where available. Otherwise, it automatically falls back to T-Mobile’s network. As Helium’s network expands, more of the load will be moved off of T-Mobile’s infrastructure.

Helium Crypto Wireless Network to Launch New Tokens Amid Expansion

There’s still work to be done in the months ahead to make the automated process of switching more seamless, Renski told Decrypt. Initially, users may encounter small delays as their smartphone switches between one network and the other, but Nova Labs and T-Mobile will continue collaborating to lessen and potentially eliminate such gaps in time.

“I would say that we have traveled maybe halfway on this journey at this point,” said Renski of refining the technical infrastructure. “But we still have some way to go to make sure that all the users have a smooth user experience.”


Helium Founders, T-Mobile Launch Crypto-Powered 5G Mobile Service

Boris Renski, GM of wireless at Nova LabsOpens in a new tab.—the startup that represents the founders of and core contributors to the Helium network—told Decrypt that the partnership is a “natural fit.”

“Not only will this partnership ultimately drive usage to the Helium Network,” he said, “but Saga customers who sign up for Helium Mobile will be able to have a seamless and integrated user experience and could earn crypto rewards for using their cell service.”

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Announced in SeptemberOpens in a new tab., Helium Mobile is the first crypto-fueled wireless carrier, created in partnership with major wireless service, T-Mobile. Helium Mobile pulls its coverage both from the decentralized Helium 5G network—with users running their own 5G nodes to share coverage in exchange for crypto tokens—and T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G service.

Helium’s 5G network currently spans just over 6,700 antennasOpens in a new tab. deployed by individual users. It’s worth noting that Helium’s developers have clarified that while the network is capable of supporting 5G radios, the early devices available on the market are limited to slower 4G LTEOpens in a new tab..

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Why Solana Is Going Big on Mobile—And Making a Smartphone

Nova Labs has said that Helium Mobile will offer plans as cheap as $5 per month. Furthermore, users can opt into earning crypto tokens by sharing location data with the network, as they’ll help Helium Mobile stabilize its coverage in the process.

Solana’s Saga smartphone was revealed in JuneOpens in a new tab. and delivers high-end Android hardware at a price point of $1,000. It’s built around the Solana Mobile Stack, a software bundle that enables improved mobile Web3Opens in a new tab. apps, and the phone can be used for crypto payments, as an NFTOpens in a new tab. wallet, and more. Pre-orders are open now ahead of the early 2023 launch.

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