(The real use case of NFT’S) Buy an NFT, Get Maine Lobster Shipped to Your Door

Today is 11/8/2022 mid term election day. At this point in the USA the general population is aware of NFT’s some have heard of the Board Ape Yaht Club and quite frankly it all sounds rediculous. The future of NFT’s is not some underground collectible art. The article below shares the real world valud of NFT’s, how they will be used in the future, and ultimately become mainstream and just part of life.

OneOf and Get Maine Lobster team up for tokens that yield buyers seafood shipments, perks, and more.

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Lobsters. Image: Shutterstock
Lobsters. Image: Shutterstock

In brief

  • OneOf will release NFT membership passes that yield buyers shipments of Maine lobster and other seafood.
  • The top-tier option includes 100 pounds of live, wild-caught lobster spread out across 12 monthly deliveries.

NFTsOpens in a new tab. aren’t all about cartoon ApesOpens in a new tab., artwork, and sports collectiblesOpens in a new tab.. Tokenized assets can have real-world benefits too, with use cases including membership passes, event ticketingOpens in a new tab., and more. And this holiday season, we’ll see one of those models in action—with a seafood twist.

OneOfOpens in a new tab.—an NFT startup known for music, sports, and brand-centric collectibles—announced today that it has partnered with online seafood delivery service Get Maine LobsterOpens in a new tab. to create an NFT-based membership club. And yes, joining the club entitles paying members to receive deliveries of fresh seafood direct from Maine, including lobster.

Called Lobster Perks+Opens in a new tab., the membership initiative spans four annual tier levels, ranging from a free entry-level pass that includes discounts and perks to more feature-rich passes that include seafood deliveries, merchandise, and other benefits.

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The Captain’s Club+ NFT ($350), for example, entitles holders to eight lobster tails, wholesale pricing on all other orders, a free upgraded side order, and other perks—including a lobster butter-scented candle for the first 200 buyers.

Meanwhile, the top-end Diamond Club NFT ($2,000) bundles all of the perks from the previous tier with 100 pounds of live, wild-caught lobster spread out across 12 monthly deliveries, valued at $1,250. Just five of the Diamond Club NFTs will be available for purchase, while the other tiers are not capped.

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Anyone who claims or purchases one of the Lobster Perks+ NFTs will be entered into a sweepstakes, with prizes including additional free lobster deliveries, merchandise, or a trip for a lobster fishing expedition with Get Maine Lobster founder Mark Murrell.

The Get Maine Lobster: Lobster Perks+ NFTs will be minted on Ethereum sidechain PolygonOpens in a new tab. and launch this Friday, November 10.

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The OneOf collaboration with Get Maine Lobster is the latest example of a food industry use case for NFTs, following a growing stack of examples surrounding restaurants.

Flyfish ClubOpens in a new tab., for example, is a private restaurant startup co-founded by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. The club minted Ethereum NFT access passes in late 2021 and will launch its initial New York City location in 2023. 

Editor’s note: This article was updated after publication with timing, pricing, and blockchain details provided by OneOf representatives.

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