Have Crypto Assets Inherited Stock Share Character?

Currently as of 2/5/2023 I invested in multiple, risky crypto projects with my “lose it all” funds. I am very much into adding as many plug and play crypto gizmos and gadgets to my portfolio that make sense, and have real use cases. I am fascinated by this niche within the crypto world. My primary focus is to accumulated Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment. I have a dozen other cryptos that I feel certain will 10X during the next bull market. All most need to do is to return to their former all time highs.

My strategy is simple. I currently own approximately 10,000 Gala. at an average cost of sixteen cents per token. Whenever Gala goes to 32 cents I will sell 5,000 coins, now I have all my initial investment back and I am playing with the houses money. I will take profits at different points on the way up. My personal price projection for Gala is $10 per coin, I think that is possible. If and when it reaches $10.00 I will be out, and replace Gala with another coin that I feel has 100X potential. All profits are used to buy Bitcoin and or Ethereum.

Pretty simple plan, but that is my investment strategy at the moment. This article from Chris was email to me. It made a lot of sense for me, at this time and place on my personal crypto investing journey. I hope your receive value from it.

by Chris Coney
By Chris Coney

Back when I was still learning how to trade stocks, one of the concepts I was taught was “share character.”

This is the idea that the price action of a certain stock has unique characteristics, bordering on a personality.

Share character manifests itself as certain repeating patterns that are common to that particular stock chart.

I saw this as very similar to getting to know a person. Once I know a person’s character, I can predict with a high degree of probability what they are going to do in certain scenarios.

While that might sound like a general description of technical analysis as a whole, share character is a type of analysis that is specific to a single asset.

In other words, it narrows your focus on a single asset, so you can study its behavior closely to learn its patterns and distinguishing traits.

And when I moved over to foreign exchange trading, I found the share character concept still applied. I noticed Cable (the insiders’ nickname for GBP/USD) had a certain character to it once I had been trading it for a while.

This was an incredibly valuable discovery for me because not only could I use technical analysis to determine the odds of one price move over another … but I could also further enhance the accuracy of that prediction by getting to know the asset’s character.

Crypto Character

Back in 2016, when I started publishing daily YouTube videos analyzing and summarizing the developments in the crypto space, there wasn’t much character in individual crypto assets.

Crypto went up or down as if it were one unified asset.

Now that the market is more developed, certain assets are starting to display their own character.

Take this side-by-side comparison of Bitcoin (BTCOpens in a new tab., Tech/Adoption Grade “A-”) and Ethereum (ETHOpens in a new tab., Tech/Adoption Grade “B”) for example:

Opens in a new tab.

Side-by-side comparison of Bitcoin (left) and Ethereum (right).
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There is quite a bit of correlation here, meaning the chart patterns look quite similar. Although Bitcoin’s recent rally may be more intense, the general pattern is the same.

Now, take this chart comparing Bitcoin with QuickSwap (QUICKOpens in a new tab., Not Yet Rated):

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Side-by-side comparison of Bitcoin (left) and QuickSwap (right).
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With these two charts, it’s easy to spot the differences. QuickSwap has shown no response to the huge rally we have seen recently in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Even if we take QuickSwap in isolation, it has this peculiar trait where it regularly prints large, high wicks (see yellow arrows):

Opens in a new tab.

Click hereOpens in a new tab. to view full-sized image.

As a side note, the most likely explanation for this is that in the early days, QuickSwap gave out a lot of rewards in its own token. This means there are likely many holders out there looking for opportunities to sell them off whenever the price pumps.

While that may explain this particular trait, it is beside the point I am making today.

Even though character may be explainable in the way I have shown above, most of the time there is no singular explanation as to why an asset behaves the way it does.

In the same fashion, there is no simple explanation as to why a person has a certain character.


During one of my forex training classes, the trainer suggested that we specialize in one or two trading pairs.

The rationale for this is what I have already laid out above: Getting to know an asset’s character gives you a probabilistic edge on top of the advantage good technical analysis already gives you.

In fact, most trading firms and hedge funds have one or more traders who are appointed to trade a single forex pair exclusively.

They spend all day every day staring at the GBP/USD chart and all the associated forces that could affect the price.

That kind of specialism is hard to beat.

So, what am I suggesting? What is the big takeaway here?

It’s this: Keep your crypto asset portfolios small.

Hold and trade a handful of assets, not 50. Get to know those assets using fundamental and technical analysis.

Study their charts so thoroughly that if it starts to form a particular pattern, your brain goes, “This looks like June 2020.”

The brain is a pattern recognition system, and repetition is the mother of learning.

So, continued exposure to the same set of charts will ingrain those patterns in your mind to the point where your mind automatically starts snapping your attention to certain emerging patterns.

In this way, you can stay ahead of the curve and help keep yourself grounded when prices fluctuate.

Like getting to know a person deeply, it’s a commitment, but well worth the effort.

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