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HUGE UPDATE 10.10.2023


Judge in the SEC vs iX/Debt threw out the TRO (Temporary restraining order) this past Friday and in the court transcript actually said ” I will likely will be issuing, ordering the Commission to show cause why I shouldn’t hold the SEC in contempt’. 


 Judge also ordered that the receivership be given back to DEBT in 48hrs which should put Debt back to ‘normal’ by Wednesday (Tomorrow).


 People are already starting to get word of what’s happening and growth % of tokens on the top 5 I tracked have increased by the percentages below since Friday afternoon!

TOP 5-


BGLD 220%
BEV 175%
DCM 133%
GROW 118%
DRIP 117%


PS-  if token values just hit former price on day of SECpocolypse, these same 5 will increase these ADDITIONAL percentage’s


 BGLD 300%


BEV 140%


DCM 233%


GROW 125%


DRIP 133%

ALL of the case documents are PUBLIC and can be reviewed by anyone. iXs lawyers wrote an INCREDIBLE rebuttal and listed many case law references backing up everything.


UPDATE 8/13/2023

Who knows how all this is going to play out. If Debt Box is a scam it is the most elaborate and longest running I have personally ever seen. Government over reach is obvious.


Regarding everything happening with IXGlobal. Government overreach is obvious in what I have read.

If DebtBox is a scam, it is the most elaborate and long funning scam I have ever seen.

I am sure IX will have a statement soon, and we will make it available here.

Regarding Troy Dooley, he is very knowledgeable on the history of MLM. He seems to be a good guy, but I have always viewed him as a paid mouth piece.

His overview is however very insightful.



I have always said “Success leaves clues”. Unfortunately most people cannot decipher the difference between fluff and rah rah hype, and FACTS that need to be investigated, can you? Can you really? My experience has proven to me that most people that think they can, really can’t.

The truth is as human beings “We don’t know what we don’t know”.

I am thankful that over the years I have developed an above average ability to identify red flags quickly, and eliminate opportunities that don’t meet the criteria I am looking for. Yes, I have been wrong on a occasions when I over estimated the market. Over all I happy with the ability that I have developed to guard my time, and focus on opportunities that deserve to be focussed on.

I am also very happy that almost a year and a half ago I decided to spend as much of my personal education time trying to wrap my mind around the cryptocurrency space. If I hadn’t I am not sure I would fully appreciate the opportunity IX Global offers.


At time of this writing I have spent about 20 Hours studiyng this very unique, and truly one of a kind , cryptocurrency ECO SYSTEM. I have gone through countless number of videos and articles and below is the best I have found for those that want to truly evaluate this millionaire creating product and business model. My advice is take your time, study this information, and take notes.

I believe every person that sees this presentation will want to be involved with this opportunity as a customer, maybe an affiliate but probably both.


So there are two distinct and separate companies involved with this unique opportunity. The Brain behind the operation is D.E.B.T Box which stands for.
and IX Global which is the marketing Arm.

The brothers at Debt Box have been in the commodities game 15 years. They started investing in bitcoin when it was less than $1.00. This interview was very insightful and gave me real insights during my evaluation.

These two interviews from D.E.B.T BOX executives are very revealing to the long-term game plan both D.E.B.T. Box and IX Global has. The Normal fears of rug pulls and ponzinomics was eliminated from my mind after I saw these two interviews.


It is important to understand we are talking about two distinct and totally separate companies here. IX Global is the marketing arm and exclusive wholesaler of the node license. Debt was in business years before IX, you can check out their website and the white paper on each project here. DEBT PROJECTS

This is Dale Calvert. For those of you that are familiar with affiliate marketing and team building I believe it is important to know that Mike Healey is my sponsor and he was enrolled into this program by Travis Flaherty.

Quite frankly I enrolled in this program because I see this as a fabulous place to put business profits to work for me. Of course I registered as an affiliate because I know many people that can benefit from these mining license as well.

Obviously I am not a financial advisor, and we are providing this information simply because this truly is one of the most unique ECO System within the crypto space that I have ever seen.

Odds are what you have seen has gotten your wheels turning if you have anentrepreneurial bone in your body. My suggestion is that you RESERVE YOUR SPOT AND POSITION YOURSELF NOW AS an affiliate.

The compensation plan is a binary structure which basically means everyone who reads this article and evaluates this information after you do and joins IX Global on this team can become part of your pay structure. (That sentence is worth reading again)

By joining this team you will have the support of Mike Healey, Travis Flaherety, Dale Calvert and myself. At the time of this writing, my focus is with IHub Global’s ERC program and my comitment to my team will remain there as long as the opportunity is viable. However the government sponsored ERC program ends April of 2025, and there is a good possibility my focus will shift here when the ERC program ends.

Regardless, between now and then I am sure we will have hundreds of people who listen to our podcast or read this article that will want to participate in this program at some level. I will support everyone who enters this team and get you connected with the right information and people.

This program is relatively unknown in the North America crypto community. My suggestion is that you lock your spot now with the #1 Team in the USA BY CLICKING HERE.


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