Much of how I look at the cryptocurrency world is based upon my 40 years of experience building teams and working with people.  For years in those team building businesses I have said “If you build people, people will build the business”

I am personally trying to grow into a self-educated, confident, Ultimate Cryptocurrency Performer.  I just want to be able to maximize my God given DNA and business journey that has brought me to this point in my life.  A big part of that is understanding my own emotional intelligence, strengths, weaknesses. tendencies and risk tolerance levels.    

Honestly, I believe everyone who invest in cryptocurrency should try to be real with themselves on their own strengths and limitations.  If you are losing sleep over your investments, you are doing something wrong.

I want to be progressing consistently.  Over the years I have watched far too many entrepreneurial spirited people start their journey and not progress. Not because they weren’t willing to do the work but usually because they were not willing to grow out of their dominant phase and become self-educated, or experience personal growth.

There are seven types of crypto investors, these 7 mentalities, I call DOMINENT PHASE.  Before you can grow and progress you need to understand your dominant phase and the areas you need to work on, which usually relate to understanding your risk tolerance and taking the time for personal education.

In this article we are going to explore the seven types of crypto investors and the patterns of deception they fall prey to throughout their entire journey toward becoming an experienced and successful investor in the space.  These are patterns I have watched many traditional investors and entrepreneurs fall into prior to ever entering the crypto space.  Your dominant phase is your dominate phase in all areas of your life.

Together we are going to learn about all 7 types of crypto investors  and a few small simple tweaks any investor can make to  evolve into  the 8th type of investor, an ultimate performer in crypto investing to experience long term success with the least amount of work or stress.  That is my personal goal, if that is yours, let’s go!

So let’s figure out what type of investors we currently are and how we can evolve together into a successful one. Human nature is to think  these are categories of deceptions are something external or outside of ourselves that we need to recognize and watch out for. The truth is they are internal or already inside of us in a form of psychological and behavioural patterns.

Basically there are natural tendencies we develop over time from where we grew up, where your parents told you, what your role models did, as well as our life experiences and how you perceived them.  I talk about this is detail in my Programming Your Mind for Success course.

So as we go through the seven steps of crypto investors and the patterns of deceptions and limiting beliefs, they fall prey to as it relates to being an investor and in the crypto currency space.  Keep in mind that these don’t represent you or are or destined to be.  These represent behaviour patterns that have been programmed into your mind.  We all MUST ACT in accordance to our program.  Once we recognize them (self awareness) we can reprogram our minds and change them into patterns that create success. So let’s explore the seven dominant phases cryptocurrency investors fall into.


The victim blames other people or blames external factors for their lack of success and the challenges all of us face. The victim as it relates to being a crypto investor blames their challenges or failures on situations like when exchanges go down, or their support tickets going unanswered. They blame crypto influencers like BitBoy,  James Pelton, Tactical Investor or anyone on social media for price predictions or mentioning price that didn’t quite pan out.

They blame Elon Musk tweets, they blame Fud (FEAR UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT)  or negative news about developments and hacks or similar to explain why they aren’t experiencing success in crypto investing. 

They think the world and its challenge revolve around them. They never consider that all investors go through the same challenges.

Essentially the victim believes it’s not their fault and will come up with an endless  external excuses to justify why they are unsuccessful. Does this sound like someone you know or are your thinking?

So the new brain cell pattern that needs to be for a victim mentality is, you must take personal responsibility for your own decisions and  any success or lack of success you experience investing in  cryptocurrencies.  In order to evolve into the becoming ultimate crypto investor it starts with personal responsibility.  Tell yourself that you and you alone are responsible for making positive changes in your life and the only things that will but you on a path to abundant success in crypto investing.

Here is a video training I did on the topic a few years ago.

This is also a book on the topic, I can’t recommend highly enough.  It has nothing to do with investing, and everything to do with your thinking.


The Rut Dweller focuses mainly on how difficult things are, becomes overwhelmed, get caught in a rut and stay there for most part they lack the motivation to learn, grow and evolve and believe that a positive change won’t happen for them.

The rut dweller as it relates to investing in crypto rarely ends up in investing in crypto in the first place they don’t even enter the game because they are overwhelmed by the idea of clicking on the link to sign up with crypto. Com’s mobile app and getting $25 of free crypto to get started or by clicking on the coin based link below and get $10 of Bitcoin worth of Bitcoin for free after they invest $100 or more same thing with setting up a wallet.

They believe that they aren’t tech-savvy enough or smart enough to manage their own wealth and sit on the side lines in their rut. If they do try to get into crypto sometimes they ask if they can send someone else money to buy crypto for them which can create a tax nightmare at the very least or they could lose all their money from theft or user error.

If this behaviour patter sound like you, or someone you know, to take a step towards becoming the ultimate performer in crypto investing is to shift your focus away from how hard it seems to invest in crypto over the long term and focus more on taking one small step in the right direction like by clicking the link below to sign up for an exchange.

Remember inch by inch life is a cinch and pretty soon that inch by inch will turn into buy 1 inch for all you defy players out there.

For me the techy part of crypto investing has been like trying to learn Chinese. It is the most difficult part of the process.  Setting up an accounts on exchanges has been simple.

But learning the space has been difficult when you don’t understand many of the terms and buzz phrases being used.  I am finally getting comfortable using Meta Mask and other Wallets but it has been a slow, tedious process for me.

Rut dwellers will avoided any the simplest crypto projects to invest in like Yiled Nodes, or other simple to implement projects.


The certainty seeker needs to feel safe, needs guarantees, needs a crystal ball telling them exactly what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen and if life, much less crypto was the predictable we would all be extremely wealthy right about now.

I heard a preacher say one time “If we all had crystal balls we would all be millionaires”.  

When dealing with something unknown, they lack the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and into the unknown for fear of wasting their time or money. These types of investors can’t get pass the fact that crypto currency investing has no guarantees.   There is very little regulations, very little insurance investment options, no agreed upon authority or school of thought.   

Most of the people they do decide to consult with have been entrenched in traditional financial systems and have no idea what they’re talking about.  Usually in finance, much less crypto they’re ill-informed, or flat out ignore the space all together assuming all cryptocurrency related projects are scams.

Certainty seekers also dislike the lack of hotlines they can call for help with certain processes and managing their wealth in these types of digital assets at large. If you are someone you know identifies with the certain seeker pattern, the first step towards becoming the ultimate performer in crypto investing is by reminding yourself that there will always be uncertainty a level of uncertainty when making a change, stick with it and the result will come. Also the more uncertainty the more potential rewards in crypto.

Many people from my generation have built solid incomes in the traditional financial world.  They know inflation is eating away at their nest egg.  They understand the manipulations that occur in the stock market and get that block chain technologies and crypto is the future.  They don’t understand that the lack of regulation and manipulation is what attracts many.  Certainty Seekers have to depend upon their own research and decision-making abilities, and many have a challenge with that.


We all have experience with success seeking at some point in crypto, success seekers are always looking for the next big thing after starting something new, if they done experience results quickly enough they change their plan, sell and buy something else.

Success seekers lack discipline focus, and commitment in crypto investing between natural dips in the market, transaction fees and potential new projects failing for either natural or predatory reasons their hasty actions cause their investment to dwindle.

They panic sell when the market is red and greed buy when the market is green, they will also turn to risky trading behaviour like margin and leverage trading in an attempt to realize quick big returns, which hardly ever pans out. if this behaviour patterns sounds like you or someone you know, in order to evolve to   the ultimate performer in crypto investing create a solid plan before starting, stick to it and stay focused.

Resist chasing the next new shiny coin because you will realize the more long term focus you have, the better.   Staying committed to great projects, versus prematurely pivoting in the crypto space is an important habit to develop.

Unfortunately the internet is full of people in the cryptocurrency space that have coins to pitch, newsletters to sell, paid memberships, etc. etc.   These crypto gurus are figuring out the easiest thing in the world is to tell people what  they want to hear (I will help you how to get rich)  so they can sell them what they want to sell them.  Always ask yourself, “Who is this Person & Why Should I be Listening to Them? “

There are some wonderful advisors in the profession, but and even larger number of scum bags.   My personal believe is there is not a niche in the world that gives you the opportunity to create wealth like the crypto market, but it is going to require personal education and dedication.


The escapist tries to escape and hide challenges by delaying decision making or by not admitting when they make a bad decision. They put their head in the sand and avoid what’s playing out in their lives these investors want to invest but are too paralyze to act and eventually regret waiting to get into the market.

Then instead of acting they just mull over whether or not they should just wait until the market corrects and when it does, they still don’t act. When these investors do finally buy in but don’t do daily or weekly due diligence to keep up with the latest news affecting the market or specific projects.

Or they buy and don’t make strategic moves to take profit or keep up with the news about hack or projects or risk losing everything they initially invested. If this behaviour pattern sound like you or someone you know to take the first step towards becoming the ultimate performer in crypto investing, you need to believe in yourself and in your ability to make decision and accept when you have made bad ones.

A failure doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just means that it is time to access the situation and make a new decision. Don’t stop because something went wrong, when things go wrong make another decision and maintain the momentum.


We live in a world where most people are bound up & concerned what other people think about them.  Social media as exploited this to levels that are beyond unhealthy.

The pretender does exactly how it sounds, pretends everything is just fine and everything is under control even if everything is falling apart. They put on a show and front as if everything is going extremely well to avoid criticism or lost of respect from others.

These investors put on a ruse that their investment portfolio is performing well when it may actually be in shambles. They may follow the new, do due diligence on new promising projects, and have some strategies in place however their portfolio isn’t performing, and instead of focusing on trying to fix it they front as if it is doing well and are more focus their appearance and what others think.

They show people only what they want them to see by cherry picking or downright manufacturing details. They can’t accept their losses.  There are many youtubers that were pumping projects and coins in the past, and then remove those loses from their channel. If you are familiar with Ring Financial that is a good example.  

Many YouTubeer’s Ring Financial videos were removed from YouTubers accounts.  If this sounds like you or someone you know the first step in becoming the ultimate performer in crypto investing is by recognizing that you have to love who you are and know that you are worthy regardless of how your magic internet coin portfolio is performing on any given day.

Know that you are an early investor in an extremely promising sector and in the end we are all going to make it so ditch the dog and pony show and be yourself because you’re unique and you are awesome and can make this happen.


The stressed achiever becomes obsessed with the end goal to the point where they sacrifice their own wellbeing to try and achieve it and they do achieve their goals they aren’t satisfied and move on to the next goal. There is a real balance. Unofrtuantely most people will waste enough time on entertainment and reacreational activites over the next 3-5 years that if they focussed that time on cryptocurrency market they could put themselves on a path to financial indepenedence.

On the other end of the spectrum there are people that are commonly called stress achievers. The more they achieve the more they want. Watch an episode or two of American Greed and you will realize how real this mindset is.

A stressed achiever in crypto investing constantly checks the market 24/7 lose sleep over volatility and is constantly scouring the internet for the next investment opportunity although they may achieve their next investment goal and make profit it’s never enough and they always want more.

This behaviour increases their risk of falling prey to scams, engaging in margin or leverage trading and leads to other risky activities that could potentially wipe out all of their realized gains. So if you or someone you know exhibits behaviour patterns of a stressed achiever in order to take the first steps to becoming the ultimate performer in crypto investing you need to learn to enjoy the journey and focus more on growth and not so much one the end goal.

They crypto investment process should create happiness along the way and should not be about achieving and end goal in exchange for happiness. So appreciate the small wins and failures along the way as well as any failures you may learn from.

So what type of behaviour patterns does the ultimate performer in crypto investing does exhibits, let’s check it out. 

Now that you are aware of the seven deceptions dominate phase patterns that crypto investors have, our goal is to shift our focus away from how we normally think, behave, and react to situations. 

In crypto investing ultimate performers focus on their journey & becoming a more sophisticated and knowledgeable investor.

The way to complete the  journey is taking it at a pace you can personally be consistent with.   I have said for years “Consistent effort doesn’t always produce consistent results, but it always produces Success”

When they encounter an obstacle or challenge instead of getting frustrated feeling inadequate giving up or lying about their investment performance they adopt to a more curious attitude and take a neutral assessment of the situation to figure out how to proceed.  They become masters at what I call “looking behind the curtain” and looking at the risk vs rewards of a project understanding their personal risk tolerance abilities.

An ultimate performer remains conscious about how they respond to negative and positive investment outcomes. The growing process involves a mix of pleasure and pains at times and they understand this is natural and at the end of the day progress is being made each and every day we learn & experience new things in crypto.

This is an extremely new sector in technology that involves some level of knowledge about finance, economics, policies, regulations, science, maths, politics, human phycology,  etc etc

 So let’s all focus on learning a little bit day by day and eventually over time the knowledge will compound and everyone who decides to become self-educated  will make it.  I have always believed one of the Secrets to success in any endeavour is to stay positive & upbeat with a curious attitude.  I have learned how to be a person that always looks behind the curtain, but sees the glass half full.  Since my entrepreneurial journey started years ago when I was 14 years old, running a mail order business out of my parent’s home, I have NEVER STOPPED LEARNING.

 I sincerely believe everyone in this still very young crypto market right now has the opportunity to achieve an abundance of wealth.  In my mind it is like we are at the very beginning of the industrial revolution; this is a once in a life time opportunity we have right now with the crypto currency world.

So what is you dominant investing phase?   Did you find the explanations of the 7 categories of deceptions helpful? Which type of crypto investor are you currently? What steps do you need to take to work towards becoming an ultimate performer in crypto investing?   

What steps have you taken?  What steps can you take right now, like this  moment?   If you have not said up a coinbase account that is the first step.   It is simple and intuitive.   Just click on this link now and start the process, you will receive $10.00 in free bitcoin just for setting up your account.  Keep me in the loop and any feedback is always appreciated.

Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is a serial entreprenuer. He started his first business at age 14, a direct mail business out of his parents home. Dale has always believed that wealth is created in front of a trend. This business philosophy lead him into the cryptocurrency space in 2017, He made the decision in 2022, that the cryptocurrency space is where he will be spending the majority of his time.

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