RevoFi Network the next big crypto mining project?

Many experts are predicting RevoFi as the next big opportunity in mining. As many of you know working with IHub Global has been the gateway that brought me into the world of plug and play crypto mining, and the crypto world in general. At this point, we have ordered a crypto miner for our car, and yesterday we ordered a Deeper Connect Mini and next on our list is the rSpot Link Pro miner, and plan on also getting in on the 5 cent initial coin offering. The video below will tell you more.

We really like the opportunity to get in early on this project. Yes it could go bust, but it could be huge. It appears leget, the team behind it appears experienced. No tokinomic have been published on this project yet. My goal is to mine the REV token, not helium, we have our Ihub Global hotspot for Helium. This is not financial advice, I am just sharing with readers what we are doing. Honestly there are multiple mining projects, but without question the best opportunity in mining at the moment exist for those that join our Ihub Global Team, I sincerely believe that, so if you don’t know about what we have going on there, check out this link. CMG IHUB GLOBAL TEAM.

The global edge and far edge for computing, storage, and connectivity is a combined market expected to grow at rates ranging from 17%-38% CAGR to year 2028 across hardware, software, services, and Edge-Managed platforms.

These resources need to be built and deployed closer to the consumers and devices to utilize them.
However, current solutions such as “edge” data centers, wireless routers, network appliances, and
network attached storage (NAS) are fragmented, expensive, complex, or are so simplistic that the
hardware only performs a single task.

The RevoFi Network is a revolutionary decentralized wireless cloud services network that provides
a unified infrastructure for Wi-Fi 6 Mesh, storage, compute, and cloud services. This enables cost
effective and rapid deployment capabilities by moving these resources to the edge and far edge. The
RevoFi Network simplifies, combines, unifies, and improves wireless connectivity while
simultaneously adding storage and compute for cloud services such applications, dApps, web
services, Wi-Fi offload, ad-hoc networks with cellular or satellite backhaul, and other use cases.

Decentralization of wireless cloud services requires intelligent automation and blockchain that is
capable of meeting global scalability and flexibility to evolve with the underlying protocols of the
Internet, World Wide Web, wireless standards, and cloud native functionality. The Revos Blockchain
powers the RevoFi Network with native protocols and token that incentivizes utilization and for
proving various metrics. This incentivizes the building of decentralized infrastructure and rewarding
for the utilization of the infrastructure’s commodities and utility.

The RevoFi Network, combined with the Revos Blockchain, enables everyone to build decentralized
infrastructure that is aligned to modernized deployment models for how data is produced and
consumed. It provides a more efficient, secure, uniform, and democratized cloud infrastructure that
has many use cases to which can be applied and evolved over time.

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Dale Calvert is a serial entreprenuer. He started his first business at age 14, a direct mail business out of his parents home. Dale has always believed that wealth is created in front of a trend. This business philosophy lead him into the cryptocurrency space in 2017, He made the decision in 2022, that the cryptocurrency space is where he will be spending the majority of his time.

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