New Meta Quest Pro: The Future of Virtual Reality (Review)

The $1,500 Meta Quest Pro

A year after rebranding itself in the name of building a metaverse, Meta has unveiled a new version of its virtual reality headset tailored for working professionals. The $1,500 Meta Quest Pro features several new features that are meant to improve users’ perception of genuineness while they are in the presence of other people. The headset makes it possible to view not only virtual worlds but also the natural environment of the user, thanks to high-resolution outward-facing cameras.

“The moment that they begin to break into a smile or when they raise their eyebrow… your avatar should be able to express all of that and more,” Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg said at Meta Connect, the company’s giant annual Meta Connect conference focused on virtual reality. Here are three reasons why the Meta Quest Pro is set to change the game regarding virtual reality.

The Meta Quest Pro offers several key improvements over its predecessor and are now avialble for purchase here.

1) It Enhances Users’ Perception of Other People 

One of the main issues with virtual reality has been the disconnect between people’s real emotions and their avatars’ expressions. With the new Meta Quest Pro, that is no longer an issue. The high-resolution cameras make it possible for users to see not only virtual worlds but also other people’s natural reactions, which makes it easier to gauge how they are feeling. This will be a game-changer for businesses that use virtual reality for training or conferences. 

2) It Is More Comfortable and Ergonomic 

TheMeta Quest Pro has been designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The head strap has been redesigned to distribute weight more evenly, and the glasses have been made more prominent so they do not obstruct users’ peripheral vision. In addition, the headphones have been updated to provide better sound quality and not get in the way when users need to take them off quickly. 

3) It Is Much Lightweight and Compact 

One of the main drawbacks of previous-generation virtual reality headsets was their size and weight. They were bulky and difficult to carry around, which made it hard to use them for long periods. TheMeta Quest Pro addresses this issue by being much lighter and more compact than its predecessors. This will be a huge selling point for business users who need to travel with their headsets often. 

4) Improved Display Quality 

The display quality on the Meta Quest Pro has been dramatically improved thanks to new lenses and an OLED display panel. This results in richer colors and sharper images, making a more realistic experience overall. In addition, the field of view has been increased by 25%, which gives users a more comprehensive view of their surroundings. 

5) Better Audio Quality 

Virtual reality can be a very immersive experience, but poor audio quality can ruin it. TheMeta Quest Pro uses two high-quality microphones and stereo speakers to provide clear sound without echo or distortion. This will be a welcome addition for gamers and movie fans who want to enjoy their favorite content without issues. 


The Meta Quest Pro is a powerful virtual reality headset that offers several key improvements over its predecessor. These include better display quality, improved audio quality, better comfort and ergonomics, and a lighter-weight design. If you are looking for a VR headset that will give you an immersive experience without compromises, then the Meta Quest Pro is worth considering, you can leran more here.

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Here are three reasons why the Meta Quest Pro is set to change the game regarding virtual reality.

The Meta Quest Pro offers several key improvements over its predecessor