MEME COIN MANIA IS HERE! Since BRC-20 launched a few weeks ago, ~12K different tokens have been created and the total market cap is now worth a whopping $920M.

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Today is May 8th, the day after the Kentucky Derby. I guess this is what they call Meme season.
Honestly, I have so much going on with or other businesses and we are getting our foundations is place for the launch of the Collect Direct business in June, I have not been able to devote the amount of time and study to Meme Coin Season, I would like to.

From everything I have read, Crypto Meme coin season is part of the predictable path of cryptocurrency cycles. I found this article from my favorite crypto newsletter that I think is worth taking some time and wrapping my mind around.

How long does crypto meme coin mania, normally last? I am not sure, how and where do I buy them? Those are answers I will be looking for THIS WEEK! Enjoy the article, and if you haven’t subscribed to Milk Road, I highly recommend it.


Everyone was talking about one thing this weekend: the Bitcoin blockchain.


2 reasons…

There were ~500K unconfirmed transactionsOpens in a new tab. waiting to be completed on the Bitcoin network (a new all-time high)Transaction fees soared to ~$20 per transaction. Last week, those same fees averaged about $1.20 per transaction – a 1,500% increase. Ouch.

In other words, the Bitcoin network was more congested than your local highway on a Friday during rush hour.

So, what’s causing this? Crypto’s new favorite buzzword… BRC-20Opens in a new tab.. AKA memecoins on the Bitcoin blockchain.

You see, crypto investors are a lot like middle schoolers – every month they have a new crush. First, it was DeFi, then NFTs, now it’s BRC-20 tokens.

Since BRC-20 launched a few weeks ago, ~12K different tokens have been created and the total market cap is now worth a whopping $920M.

Some of these tokens have jumped over 21,000%Opens in a new tab. in value so, of course, everyone is trying to get in on the action now…

And ladies & gents, this is only the beginning of the Memecoin Mania…

BRC-20 tokens are being added to centralized exchanges to make it easier to trade. $ORDI (the first BRC-20 token ever created) was added to on Sunday and has already seen $75M+ in trading volume within the first 12 hours.New investors are entering crypto with the recent massive gains. My cousin Vinny just called me to ask if I knew anything about the “Bitcoin PEPE token”.

On top of that, it’s never been easier to make a token. Check it out, a Twitter user (@iamwhitelights) recently showedOpens in a new tab. how tokens can be created in 27 seconds.

And with the Twitter video having 18K+ bookmarks, we can expect a whole bunch of new memecoins launching this week…

Now, this is good and bad.

The Good: Anyone can make a token. Companies, projects, etc. that want to launch a basic token can, without the need to hire a whole team of developers.

The Bad: Anyone can make a token. This includes scammers, hackers, and grifters.

New tech, like BRC-20, will always attract some of the most brilliant engineers & investors…and the most brilliant scammers & risk-takers too.

So it’s important to be careful and know what to look out for. This is why we’re presenting you with… *drumroll*… Milk Road’s Declassified Survival Guide to Memecoins.

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Today, we’re gonna cover 3 cool tools we’ve come across that will help you avoid getting scammed, hacked, or rug pulled during this Memecoin Mania…

1/ DEXTools

This is an all-in-one tool for new crypto tokens. It tracks real-time prices, transactions, liquidity, charts, and more.

What’s cool about it: I don’t know how to read a smart contract perfectly (your boy was only blessed with a double-digit IQ), but Dextools helps out by giving insights into:

whether or not that specific token has a verified contractwhether it’s safe or a scamthe latest transactions for that token

Source: DEXToolsOpens in a new tab.

2/ TokenSniffer

This is a tool that analyzes the token’s smart contract, tokenomics, holders, etc, and then generates a security audit score for that specific token.

What’s cool about it: TokenSniffer tells you stuff like if…

The token is sellable or just a honeypot scamThe contract source is verifiedThe creator wallet holds more than 5% of the circulating token supplyThere’s adequate liquidity for the token

For example, I looked up the new $PEPE token that everyone is talking about and well, TokenSniffer gives it a security scoreOpens in a new tab. of 50/100. *Dun dun duuuuuun*

Here were the biggest red flags found:

3/ Twitter

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Twitter?!”

Yes, it’s true. And although Twitter looks a lot like WorldStar 2.0 with all the videos of fights and drama, there’s still one super useful feature….

Twitter search. You can use this to look up the cash tag and coin name (i.e. $PEPE). This will give you insights into two important things:

How many people are talking about the token? (i.e. is everyone talking about it or only a few)Who is talking about the token? (i.e. are real people talking about it or is full of Twitter bot posts from JoeMama69420)

Milk Road Take: Buckle up, ladies & gents – it’s gonna be a crazy few weeks.

The Memecoin Mania is only just getting started and it’s a high-stakes game. Fortunes can be built (and lost) overnight.

So, be careful out there Roadies!

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