An AI Crypto Project with 100X Upside Potential in next Bull Run?

There are many narratives for the upcoming Bull Run that can make massive moves and I have talked about quite a few of them here at CMG Crypto, on my podcasts and private zoom events.

Gaming, AI & Metaverse trends have been able to grab people’s attention in the bear market so imagine how well they can do in the upcoming bull market.

That is something to think about, we all know that the AI sector is hot right now not just in the crypto space but all around the world.

To put things into perspective in 2022 the global AI Market size was valued at 136 billion USD and is projected to reach over 400 billion dollar USD by the end of 2027.

You could say that crypto and AI is like a match made in heaven the AI narrative is one that we can see perform really well in the upcoming Bull Run.

Honestly it is all about the NARRATIVE.  Much like the dot com bubble of the stock market of the past.  It is my belief that during this next crypto bull run, you will see unprecedented growth in the .AI crypto market and retail investors will be looking for any and all crypto related projects with an AI spin.

In the article we published at the beginning of 2023, here.

One of my Top coins that I picked, and the only AI coin at the time was Fetch AI.

At the time is was .40 per coin.  I have been buying Fetch.AI and adding to my bag throughout this year.  Currently my average entry price is $0.32 and the coin is trading today, 12/24/23 at the time of this writing for 0.72.

At this time, I feel it is time to start diversifying and adding more AI tokens to my portfolio.

The next coin I have added is a small bag of RENDER, RNDR, which has positioned itself in the middle of the AI and machine learning narrative.

A couple of months before I entered RENDER at $2.25 per token, it surged over 300% in a 30 day period to reach around $1.69, alongside the launch of a new foundation and the passing of a new tokenomics model by the project’s DAO.

Despite its recent surge, RNDR remained down over 80% from its all-time high of $8.78, recorded in November 2021.

So for that reason, I entered at $2.25 believing in the next bull run it should have no problem reaching its previous all-time high of $8.78, giving me about a 4X on my money if and when I choose to sell.

Today, at the time of this article Render is selling for $4.59 which means my investment has doubled in less than 60 days.

in this article I will share with you another AI coin that I believe has massive potential.  I have not invested in it yet, but am in the process of doing my research and due diligence.

So, if I hones with myself, part of the purpose of writing this article is to SELL MYSELF why this should be the next AI Token I add to my portfolio.  

They have partnered up with Google Cloud & Microsoft as well.

if this is your first visit to my name is Dale Calvert.  I am an entrepreneur, investor, team builder, who decided to get serious about my crypto self-education a couple of years ago, and that is when I started CMG Crypto.

Basically as a site to document my own thoughts, ideas, and understanding of the very complex and confusing crypto markets.

 I share all things crypto on this website and my personal strategy as we approach the next Bull Run you can gain access to this information before anyone else and much more by book marketing this website and subscribing to my updates.

It should go without saying, none of this is financial advice now let’s get right into this new coin.

So you’re probably thinking, Dale,  what’s the project?  The project is called Delysium.  It has been on my radar for a few months, but recently they have provided new update, a newly released white paper a new feature called Lucy and tons more if you’re not familiar with the Delysium ecosystem they also have aspects of gamey and gamble FI but their main focus is AI and they just released their new white paper which goes into the details of their AI related efforts so first things first what exactly is Delysium well it’s best described as an overarching virtual society and ecosystem powered by AI their Moto is blockchain for AI and AI for humans and they aim to allow users to create AI agents to interact with and to perform web through related tasks for them with their AI twins program.

 Users will be able to create unique AI twins whose personalities and functions will continue to develop over time by interacting with the user and these AI twins can be used as a portal to the virtual Society the Delysium ecosystem also has their own decentralized game publishing platform game of their own such as Delysium Center City Battle Royale game a lottery system asset Marketplace as well as Lucy which is what the team is calling the first AI powered web 3 operating system so that’s a very basic overview.

The Delysium technological developments in just a bit but first let’s take a look at their price chart for their native token AGI we can see that it launched earlier this year in April.

It is a new altcoin that hasn’t seen a bull run yet. You can find it listed on exchanges like by Bit Mexi Kucoin and The price was 1.2 cents on October 20th to a price of 6 cents this is probably an increase due to AI gaining traction as one of the major narratives of the potential bull run but remember this is a fresh new altcoin hasn’t seen a bull cycle yet.

The market cap here is slightly over $30 million with which is pretty small now imagine the use cases and activity for this token increasing over time as we head into the bull cycle with the help of powerful features like Lucy and AI agents?

When you consider these things together, you have the perfect recipe for insane price action in the future.

Obviously, nothing is ever for certain in the crypto space but  Delysium is positioning itself for a lot of great things in the near future.

Delysium has a team of roughly 250 employees in the Delysium Discord you’ll be able to find the meet the team Channel where each team member gives an introduction on who they are and what they do.

The team’s vision is to solve the disconnect that players have always felt between themselves and their in-game characters whether it’s in a role player game massive multiplier online game first shooter game or virtual Hangouts so with their AI twins Delysium has actually created an interconnect system for players to create and interact with AI agents on the blockchain.

As I mentioned earlier they have major Partnerships with Google and Microsoft Delysium is part of the Google Cloud Ai and web3 startup program giving them access to Google’s deep learning systems and data sets as well as a $350,000 Grant from Google.

One of the biggest updates with Delysium has to be their partnership with Microsoft last month they announced that they want to streamline the user experience when interacting with the blog chain and bring the benefits of AI on the blockchain into the mainstream.

Delysium plans to use the cloud capabilities of Microsoft’s project and I think this is going to be really exciting other notable Partnerships for Delysium include Immutable X, Unix Gaming and tons more.

They want to make navigating the web 3 space simpler for their users so they introduced their latest technology called Lucy

Lucy is said to be more than just an AI chatbot they’re building Lucy to be an AI agent that can perform tasks for users in the web 3 space it’s currently in its V1 Alpha phase with V2 plan to be released very soon the goal is to allow users to execute web3 related requests by simply telling Lucy.

Can you imagine being able to do something like this?

Something like hey Lucy swap my USDT for ETH on Uni Swap.

You can also do things like monitor a cryptocurrency’s value so when it goes to a certain price or drops to a certain amount Lucy will send you an email

You can even give it more specific requests like when the price of ETH Falls below $1,200 swap my USDT in my wallet for ETH on Unis swap then stake the ETH in the little protocol and finally deposit the obtained funds into curves liquidity pool so imagine all of this being done for you and all you had to do was GIVE THE COMMAND.

This is a huge game changer and could really help onboard more users into the crypto World easily!

In stage three Delysium plans to develop Lucy OS and entire operating system for AI agents to execute more advanced web3 tasks like finding the best ways to minimize gas fees finding the best dii platforms with the highest APR transferring access to another wallet address and much more.

So you might be wondering how secure is all of this for the user and the platform as a whole well that’s where the agent ID comes in AI agents go through a verification process before being granted permissions in the network all actions are logged on a decentralized database and cryptographically linked to the agent’s ID.

The functions of agent ID include the verification process where AI agents go through checks using a smart contract as their unique identifier Dynamic adaptation where agent ID will recognize how agents evolve over time and continue to give them access despite having changed.

The first batch of agent IDs will be minted for a select group by Q2 of 2024  Delysium will start granting agent ID holders exclusive access and benefits within the ecosystem as well as special access to Delysium agents by Q4 of 2024 agent ID holders get Priority Access to Delysium’s upcoming Launchpad.

I shared with you the AGI token earlier but let’s dive a bit deeper into the mechanics AGI is built to bridge seamlessly between the BNB and Ethereum blockchains there’s a Cap supply of 3 billion tokens and some of its use case include AI agent registration as requiring an amount of AGI tokens to be registered on Delysium helps to prevent spam and low quality users network maintenance fees and paying for access to services like algorithms.

Data sets AGI can also be used to create transactions between agents for an exchange of services as well as for a feature called Dynamic scaling which can increase or decrease the performance and capabilities of an AI agent based on demand.

The allocation structure of AGI tokens

-1% is used in airdrops

-2% is for the market maker

-10% is set aside for Private Sales another

-10% goes towards strategic sales

-20% goes to the team and the final

-57% goes towards the project treasury

AGI holders will also be able to stake their tokens over the duration of 48 days in which a total of 5 million AGI will be rewarded for staking participants you can stake your tokens for a period between 30 days and 365 days.

The staking system was launched in two phases in phase one which was 2 weeks after launch users only had the option to stake for 6 to 12 months.

Phase 2 has been active since mid November and it’s still open for all listed durations you can increase your staking rewards by increasing your loyalty score through engaging in the ecosystem another way to increase your score is to own a DMA node which allows you to vote on aspects of the  Delysium universe and earn AGI tokens passively as of their most recent update on December 15th around 15 million total AGI has been staked so in the beginning of the article I mentioned that  Delysium has aspects of gamble FY & hosts fun games for the community such as a lottery with more than 15,000 tickets sold for their V1 and V2 Diamond hand ticket lottery events so far as well as a spin the wheel game.

The V1 Lottery had a price pull of 150,000 USDT and the current V2 Lottery is still going with a refundable ticket price of 5,000 AGI and a price pool of over 2.3 million AGI.

To wrap this up, let’s take a look at what’s coming up on their road map by q1 of 2024.

Delysium plans to focus on product Improvement and building the AI ecosystem this includes Lucy Integrations plugins Partnerships a closed Alpha test of their tools for AI developers.

The private launch of AI twins by Q2 of 2024 the focuses on AI platform growth with plans to release the open Beta for the AI developer tools.

Construction of their AI Launchpad and public launched AI Twins and finally for Q3 of 2024 the focus will be on a new batch of projects for Delysium AI with plans to take the AI Launchpad live and build an AI character platform with more to be announced later so there’s a list of sectors that I’m truly bullish on.  

Going into 2024 this includes web 3 gaming AI gamble FY launchpads and Delysium touches on a lot of these with a focus on AI so it’s definitely an exciting opportunity in my opinion Delysium and AGI look like they have a ton of potential with a team and community that are extremely dedicated.

I’m loving their road map and what they have planned for the future and I’m looking forward to the future of AI in general.

I mean AI is growing so rapidly that it’s almost scary what kind of tech do you think we’ll have 5 years from now.

Who knows for sure where this project or even the crypto space as a whole can go in the upcoming bull run?

As always, only invest what you’re willing to lose but if you find Delysium interesting be sure to do your due diligence. 

Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is a serial entreprenuer. He started his first business at age 14, a direct mail business out of his parents home. Dale has always believed that wealth is created in front of a trend. This business philosophy lead him into the cryptocurrency space in 2017, He made the decision in 2022, that the cryptocurrency space is where he will be spending the majority of his time.

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